Marine & Protective Coatings

Marine Coatings  

For over 100 years, AkzoNobel International Paint has successfully provided solutions to meet the global marine industry's constantly evolving needs and earned a reputation for trust and quality. Port Land is the direct distributor of AkzoNobel Marine Coatings

This marine coatings are engineered to deliver proven performance in-service whilst representing value for money. Environmental responsibility is a major feature of the marine coatings offer, particularly in terms of new product introductions and ongoing global research programmes.

This winning formula is a policy of"Constant Evolution" - a continuous commitment to develop new products and services, clearly focused on maximising customers' return on investment in shipbuilding and vessel operation - worldwide.

Deep Sea

The global fleet trading on deep-sea routes includes crude oil tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, cruise liners, vehicle carriers, chemical tankers, and many other cargo ships. International Paint offers a comprehensive range of products designed to maximise vessel protection, operator image, vessel operating and cargo-carrying efficiency.


Different range of coastal ships, including fishing vessels, cargo barges, dredgers, tugs, offshore supply vessels and ferries, require high levels of protection at both the newbuilding stage and in-service. For both coastal trading and inland fleets, International Paint has the marine product offer to meet these requirements of shipyards and vessel operators.


Protective Coatings  

AkzoNobel Protective Coatings business offers a technologically driven product range to protect steel structures at new construction and maintenance in a wide range of environments and industries. With a core range of products available worldwide, our customers receive consistent product quality and service regardless of location.

Power Generation

AkzoNobel’s Protective Coatings business offers a technologically driven product range to protect track record offers more than 40 years of experience in protecting power generation assets. From wind blades and towers and FGD units, to reducing biofouling in water intakes for the nuclear power industry, we provide the whole solution, not just part.

Oil & Gas Upstream

AkzoNobel’s proven product performance from drilling rigs and fixed platforms to FPSOs and other floating production will give you confidence in our coatings specification. Consistently high product and service quality worldwide allows us to deliver project support throughout your asset’s life, regardless of where in the world it is located.

Oil, Gas and Chemical Processing

Temperature resistance, fire protection and linings all form part of our innovative product offer for customers processing, storing and distributing oil, gas and chemicals. AkzoNobel’s complete linings offer goes further than many others, providing fast return to service, high temperature resistance and protection from extreme chemical attack in storage vessels and secondary containment areas.


With over 35 years of expertise and global product support in mining, International can tailor systems to meet all your coating needs, including anticorrosive, high abrasion and chemical resistance and durable aesthetics. The long-term protection of your assets is further enhanced by our track record of providing bespoke maintenance painting plans to reduce downtime and increase productivity and profit.

Architectural Infrastructure and Bridges

AkzoNobel’s advanced product range helps designers and customers with long-term corrosion protection and aesthetics by raising the time to maintenance for their assets in our chosen markets. Our comprehensive fire protection range is beyond compliance, serving markets including airports, commercial infrastructure and leisure facilities

Water and Waste Water

Whether your need is maintenance or new construction, AkzoNobel have the corrosion expertise, the understanding of the environment and a complete high-performance coatings and linings product range specifically designed to protect both structural steel and concrete found in water and waste water treatment, storage and distribution facilities around the globe.

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